Corina Eufinger is passionate about the ways real estate can change lives, and it’s not just lip service. She co-owns multi-family investments with her brother, Chris. Using the same brand and logo that their parents built over 40 years ago, Corina & Chris have carved out a name for themselves in the investor community.

Equity Build

Over their short career as real estate investors Chris & Corina have added over $60k in value to their portfolio since purchasing it. Adding equity comes in many forms, but Chris & Corina it's been created through aggressive debt reduction and paying diligent attention to the rental market.

Increased Cash Flow

Chris & Corina specialize in purchasing properties with tiny cash flows and turning them around to be profit producing properties. Changing the cash trajectory of a property isn't just about raising rents. A true change in cash flow goes beyond that superficial level. It goes deeper to include stabilizing an efficient system of management for management and maintenance.

This efficient management coupled with active income increases has taken their portfolio from a net cash flow of their properties from $445 a month to over $1600 a month.

Positive Tenant Relations

It's not all about the money. Chris & Corina believe in building good relationships with their tenants. More than 60% of their tenants are long term tenants staying over 3.5 years. Part of maintaining positive tenant relationships is creating safe, sanitary, and well-maintained units. While part of their formula for success is a reduction in expenses, that reduction is never at the cost of habitability or property environment.

Yes, real estate is a business but it's a business of providing safe and habitable housing. Chris & Corina are focused on bringing the human element back to rentals while still operating a profitable business.

A Network Worth Being A Part Of

Chris & Corina have built relationships with an amazing array of individuals in their lives. Their network includes: commercial real estate agent with 25 years experience, attentive residential real agents, labor contractors, accountants, graphic designers, wholesalers, flippers, and more! If something does manage to stump them, their is always someone in their network that can provide their expertise.

Generations Of Experience

It's not just their experience they can pull from it's also the experience of 4 generations of real estate investors in the family. Real estate investing has been a part of their family for nearly 100 years. Stories have been passed down through the generations that bring with them unique knowledge and experiences.
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