Chris brings creativity and outward passion to CRC.  His extensive career in graphic design and web services brings the aesthetic and creative details to life.  You could say he brings the good looks to the table.  

Chris likes getting into properties and helping to plan the design rehab.  His keen (and better!) eye for design helps create rentals that tenants want to call home. Chris learned from shadowing his father and working on properties.  He learned many repair and rehab skills from his father. 

Chris still enjoys utilizing his web and graphic skills in his everyday life.  Chris’s eye for design is what is helping propeel CRC Investments to the next level. 



Corina has enjoyed being active real estate for most of her life.  She currently serves as Chairman of the Wisconsin Apartment Association where she helps educate and advocate for buy and hold investors across the state.

Corina likes running the numbers on markets and investments. Calculating ROI, IRR and other measurements of an investment makes her smile.  Like Chris she learned a lot from shadowing their father.  However Corina’s experience came with administration and networking.

While she spends most of her time books and behind a laptop, she enjoys getting her hands dirty with her properties to keep them going strong.