Our mission is to be an asset to as many rental investors as possible.  That's why we offer an more comprehensive services than a property management company.   These services are available without the restrictions of a management contract.  

Portfolio Systems Consult

With this service, we’ll look at your policies, procedures, and recent property statements to help you pinpoint where your property can be more efficient and profitable.  The consults are conducted by our Managing Broker or CEO. They’ll spend 2 hours meeting with you about your concerns, current policies and walking the property (if necessary).  They’ll take copies of your documentation and review them.  After they reviewed the documentation they’ll create a specific adjustment plan for your property and present it in person to you.  

Purchase Evaluation

Looking for an investor-based second opinion on your next investment property purchase? We’ll analyze your prospective property’s financial projection. Assessing it’s ability to provide positive cash flow, projected ROI and COC.  We’ll also provide you with key demographic stats for the area including household income, population projection, and more.   

1:1 Real Estate Coaching Video Chat

Just can’t figure out the answer to a question? Not sure where to get advice? Have a 1 hour coaching session with our CEO and active rental investor Corina. This session is conducted via Zoom meeting software.

1:1 In Person Real Estate Coaching

Want to get advice face to face? Book a 1 hour in-person coaching session with our CEO and active rental investor Corina. Meeting availability based on Corina’s schedule and location. Up to 15 miles one way included in price.

Bold Coaching Package

A weekly coaching package that includes 4 video chat sessions with Corina. Topics can be student driven by request. Package includes a free template of Trello set-up for self managing apartments. (Trello is an organization and notekeeping app.)